Hours of operation:

Apr 1 – Oct 31:  Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Nov 1 – Mar 31:  Tuesday to Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Domestic garbage: Minimum CHARGE $14.00 for first 100kg over 100kg, calculated at $85.00 per 1,000kg

Trees & Branches: There will be no charge for trees and branches that are sorted, clean, and free of garbage and other debris, if placed in the designated piles.  Elm must be separated.

Grass & leaves: There will be no charge for grass, leaves, garden refuse, and other compostable materials which is clean and free of garbage or debris, including garbage bags, if placed in the  designated piles

Metals: Sorted metals will be accepted at no charge if they are placed in the designated metal pile.

Concrete: Concrete must be sorted and placed in the designated pile and will be subject to the same fees as domestic garbage.

REFRIGERATED APPLIANCES:   There is an environmental charge of $40.00 per unit to remove the Freon.