Background Information for Applicants

Tourism Marketing Fund

The purpose of the program is to encourage and facilitate activities that promote Tisdale as a tourist destination, a community for festivals, yearly events, tournaments, and generally, as a great place to visit. It is meant to both attract visitors and keep tourism dollars from leaving the community.

For-profit public or private companies and government agencies are not encouraged to request assistance as the program is designed to assist “community” not for profit, non-governmental groups to access funds. The fund is not available for family functions. It is also not available, as example, for on-going weekly or monthly events such as a men’s night golf, weekly curling, or monthly club meetings or annual local AGM’s.

Funding for tourism marketing, events and festivals in Tisdale is available for successful applicants. Funds are available on a first come/first serve basis and the amount available is $500.00 per application. Funding is available generally for: events, tournaments or competitions, conventions, sport, art, culture, culinary, history, festivals. They do not have to be new to Tisdale to qualify. In special circumstances for regional, northern or provincial level events and meetings, extra funding may be requested, subject to available Fund balances.

Fund administrators will adjudicate based on the value of each application and the proposed impact of the event. Preference will be given to activities that will increase economic and tourism business, the development and the marketing of those activities. Applicants may be required to make a funding presentation in person in addition to the formal application below. The adjudication will be based only on the application.

Priority will be given to events that encourage overnight stays or are of size and community impact with local procurement that the economic spin-off will benefit the community. In addition, applicants are encouraged to seek funding from other sources or organizations as part of the overall funding plan. Retroactive expenses will not be considered and so this Fund must be accessed prior to the event.

If there is an over-subscription of applicants compared to Fund cash balances, priority will be given to those events that create overnight stays in Tisdale. The applicant should spell out how they plan on supporting local business if there is any procurement of goods and services in support of the event.

In the case where funding is provided and no event occurs, then the fund will request a repayment from the sponsoring organization. Funding is available on a first come-first serve basis. The fund operates from January 1 to December 31 of each year. Funding can be carried between two calendar years by an organization, such as applying in September for a March event, but the same event can only receive one payment.

Funding Application