Invest Tisdale is your single point of contact to grow your business. Strategically located as the hub of Northeast Saskatchewan, we can open doors for you and your venture by creating the right environment for increased competitiveness and growth opportunities. Discover why our skilled and motivated workforce, world-class infrastructure, excellent quality of life, low tax and generous incentive programs is the ideal entrepreneurial environment to grow, expand, or locate your business in Tisdale, Saskatchewan.

How can we help?

We help businesses innovate and compete in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing economy. Let us open doors for you by offering:

  • Personal care in the provision of turnkey services
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Sourcing of realtors, developers, contractors, shippers and utilities
  • Tailor-made financial incentive packages
  • Liaison with Provincial and Federal partners
  • Investment pairing
  • Immigrant Services
  • Agrivalue Opportunities Portfolio

For more information about growing, expanding or locating your business in Tisdale, contact Invest Tisdale today.

Please download our Invest Tisdale fact sheet for additional information: