The town’s Building Bylaw gives Council the authority to appoint an inspector to make sure that construction of buildings is done according to the proper building codes and complies with municipal bylaws.

The building bylaw also states that no person shall construct, erect, place, alter, repair, renovate, reconstruct or demolish or move a building unless a valid permit exists for the work to be done.

As stated in the bylaw the following are required:

  • Development Permit
  • Application for a Building Permit
  • Two sets of plans and specifications of the building
  • After the building inspector has reviewed the application and it complies to the necessary requirements he will issue his approval
  • Permit fees are according to Bylaw 14/90 with amending bylaws to change rates when Council feels it is applicable.  The most recent rates are amended in Bylaw 3/05

Charges for building permits are as follows:

  • $ 25.00 for Development Permit
  • $ 30.00 for the first $ 5,000.00 estimated value, $ 5.00 per $1,000.00 or part thereafter.
  • Permit to move a building – $30.00

Note: these charges are GST exempt.

  • Permits are valid for 6 months
  • Permits can be extended with approval from Council (Administrator)
  • Allows for the inspector to rebate fees if work is reduced

The charge for a demolition permit is $30.

Special conditions and penalties can be viewed in the bylaw.

Forms currently in use include:

  1. Application for a Development Permit
  2. Application for Building Permit
  3. Application for a Permit to Demolish a Building
  4. Application for a Permit to Move a Building

Forms provided to attach to a Building Permit Application include:

  1. Mobile/Modular Home Requirements
  2. Deck Checklist
  3. Attached Garage
  4. Detached Garage
  5. Typical Wall Section
  6. Sample Foundation Plan

Contact the Town Office to procure the correct application form(s) for your project.