Town of Tisdale

2020 Drinking Water Quality and Compliance

Annual Notice to Consumers


Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment requires that at least once each year waterworks owners provide notification to consumers of the quality of water produced and supplied as well as information on the performance of the waterworks in submitting samples as required by a Minister’s Order or Permit to Operate a waterworks.  The following is a summary of the Town of Tisdale water quality and sample submission compliance record for the January 1 to December 31, 2020 time period.  This report was completed on     June 10, 2021. Readers should refer to Environment’s Municipal Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Guidelines, November 2002, EPB 202 for more information on minimum sample submission requirements and the meaning of type of sample.  Permit requirements for a specific waterworks may require more sampling than outlined in the department’s monitoring guidelines. If consumers need more information on the nature and significance of specific water tests, for example, “what is the significance of Selenium in a water supply”, more detailed information is available from:


Water Quality Standards Bacteriological Quality

                                                                                                Regular Samples      Regular Samples      # of Positive Regular

Parameter/Location              Limit                                      Required                    Submitted                 Submitted (%)

Total Coliform and               0 Organisms/100 mL               52                              52                                  0 (0.0%)
Background Bacteria           Less than 200/100 mL

  • Many samples did not make it to the lab in time due to currier issues, all required samples were submitted

Water Disinfection

Chlorine Residual in Distribution System for Test Results Submitted with Bacteriological Samples

                           Minimum             Total Chlorine          Free Chlorine      # Tests      # Tests              # Adequate

Parameter      Limit                      Residual Range       Residual Range Required  Submitted         Chlorine (%)  

Chlorine 0.1 mg/L free OR 
Residual 0.5 mg/L total                 0.54 – 0.96                 0.42 – 0.86                52                52                 52 (100%)            

Water Disinfection – Free Chlorine Residual for Water Entering Distribution System from Waterworks Records-

From Water Treatment Plant Records

                                                                                              Test Level               # Tests                # Tests Not Meeting

Parameter                                  Limit (mg/L)                          Range                     Performed          Requirements

Free Chlorine Residual          at least 0.1                             0.47 – 1.25              365                             0

A minimum of 0.1 milligrams per litre (mg/L) free chlorine residual is required for water entering the distribution system. 

Tests are normally performed on a daily basis by the waterworks operator and are to be recorded in operation records. 

This data includes the number of free chlorine residual tests performed, the overall range of free chlorine residual

(highest and lowest recorded values) and the number of tests and percentage of results not meeting the minimum

requirement of 0.1 mg/L free chlorine residual.

Turbidity – From Water Treatment Plant Records

 Parameter      Limit                   Test Level     # Tests Not Meeting         Maximum             # Tests           # Tests

                          (NTU)                  Range             Requirements                Turbidity (NTU)   Required        Performed

Turbidity           1.0                     0.06 – 0.20                0                                    0.20                         365                   365

Turbidity is a measure of water treatment efficiency. Turbidity measures “clarity” of the drinking water and is generally reported in Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU). All waterworks are required to monitor turbidity at the water treatment plant. The frequency of measurement varies from daily for small systems to continuous for larger waterworks.

Chemical – Health Category

All waterworks serving less than 5000 persons are required to submit water samples for SE’s Chemical Health category once every 2 years.  The Chemical Health category includes analysis for arsenic, barium, boron, cadmium, chromium, fluoride, lead, nitrate, selenium and uranium.

The last sample for Chemical Health analysis was submitted on May 14, 2019. Sample results indicated that the provincial drinking water quality standards were not exceeded. 

                                                Limit               Limit               Sample           # Samples

Parameter                  MAC(mg/L)    IMAC (mg/L)   Result(s)        Exceeding Limit

Arsenic                        0.025                                         0.003             0                             

Barium                         1.0                                           <0.0005           0                              

Boron                                                  5.0                     0.13               0                               

Cadmium                    0.005                                         0.00001         0                                  

Chromium                   0.05                                         <0.0005           0                                 

Fluoride (*)                  1.5                                             0.84               0          (0.64 – 1.54 at WTP, 1 test was over    range, asides that, the testing range was 0.64 – 1.30 at the WTP)        

Lead                            0.01                                         <0.0001           0                                                           Nitrate                         45.0                                           0.06               0                             

Seleniuum                   0.01                                         <0.0001           0 

Uranium                      0.02                                         <0.0001           0

General Chemical

                           Aesthetic                             Sample Results         # Samples      # Samples 

Parameter         Objectives * (mg/L)           (average)                    Required        Submitted

Alkalinity             500                                                   83                                1                      1     

Bicarbonate        No Objective                                    101                              1                      1

Calcium              No Objective                                    3.8                               1                      1

Carbonate          No Objective                                    < 1                               1                      1

Chloride             250                                                   2.4                               1                      1

Conductivity       No Objective                                    178                              1                      1

Hardness           800                                                   14                                1                      1

Magnesium        200                                                   1.2                               1                      1

PH                      No Objective                                    7.76                             1                      1

Sodium               300                                                   37                                1                      1

Sulphate             500                                                   7.4                               1                      1

Total dissolved    

Solids                 1500                                                107                              1                      1

All waterworks serving less than 5000 persons are required to submit water samples for SE’s General Chemical category once every two years if a ground water source.  The General Chemical category includes analysis for alkalinity, bicarbonate, calcium, carbonate, chloride, conductivity, hardness (as CaCO3), magnesium, sodium, sulphate and total dissolved solids.

More information on water quality and sample submission performance is available upon request.

More information on water quality and sample submission performance may be obtained from:

Town of Tisdale

Box 1090, Tisdale, Sask.

Phone #: 1-306-873-2681, Fax #: 1-306-873-5700